Vision Health insurance

What Vision Insurance Covers

Vision insurance is typically purchased in conjunction with a health insurance plan and covers care and treatment for your eyes. These plans often cover annual eye exams, lenses, frames, contacts. Laser eye surgery is sometimes covered with some vision plans, depending on your plan and carrier. In other cases, vision insurance can be limited. Some policies just pay for the annual exam or treatment of eye conditions, not lenses or contacts. Be sure to understand what your policy covers.


Vision Insurance Explained

Vision insurance, sometimes called eye care insurance, can work differently depending on the type of policy you purchase. You may have to pay the doctor first and then submit a claim to the vision insurance company to reimburse you later. Other plans pay the eye care provider directly. Vision insurance is not a substitute for health insurance. In fact, most often a medical problem discovered by your eye doctor (such as a cyst or tumor in your eye) would fall under your health insurance, not your vision insurance. Most importantly you should understand how to care for your vision - prevention will help you avoid any issues.

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