SHort term is used for
What is short term insurance?

Short term health insurance coverage protects you in the event of an unexpected illness, accident or injury. Coverage is available for 30 days to 6 or 12 months depending on your state.  The freedom to choose your own doctor and hospital.


Even a short period without health insurance is
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What I may need Short Term Insurance for?

Cobra Alternative- If you have been recently unemployed and have been offered Cobra you may be suprised by the rates. You can apply for a short term policy to bridge the gap until you find another employement that offers coverage. The truth is the uncertainty of finding another job in the future is unclear and saving the most amount of money possible now is important.

Child Only Insurance - Looking for a child only plan is a daughting task. Under the new health care laws your child cannot be denied coverage for a new major medical plan. However there also is a twist. You cannot have a child only plan with only a child on the policy. With short term medical you can. This is a great way to get your child covered without adding an adult to the plan. In order to get a child only plan there are a few qualifications. Contact your Policy Online Agent to get a free quote. With Child only insurance plans and Short term medical plans, coverage can begin as quick as midnight.

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