Health Insurance Plans
  • When you start shopping for individual health insurance coverage, you'll find out quickly that there are all kinds of different health insurance plans.
    • You can choose a managed care plan such as an HMO (Health Maintenance Organization), PPO (Preferred Provider Organization), or a POS (Point-of-Service) plan. You can also choose traditional indemnity health coverage, also known as an FFS (Fee-For-Service) health plan. And these aren't the only kinds of health insurance plans — they're just the most common.
    • The number of health insurance options can seem overwhelming, but it's actually a good thing that there are so many choices. Why? We all have unique needs, so a plan that might work for you might not work for someone else.
Using The Plan Finder
  • With the Plan Finder, you can compare plans instantly from top insurance carriers such as Aetna, many Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies, UnitedHealthOne, and more.
    • Here's how the Plan Finder tool works:
    • Start off by choosing the profile that best fits your situation. The profiles you can choose include coverage for individual health insurance, family health insurance, alternatives to COBRA coverage, senior health insurance, and Medicare products. The tool also allows you to customize your own profile.
    • After choosing your profile, choose the option that best suits the kind of health coverage you're looking for. Do you want a health plan that provides the best value for your money? Do you want a plan that provides the most coverage and most generous benefits possible? Or do you want to find a plan that offers the lowest cost?
    • Once you choose your desired type of coverage, you'll be able to see how many health insurance plans match your profile. We'll also provide personalized tips on what type of coverage to consider based on what coverage you would like.
    • For example, an individual looking for a health plan with the best value should consider a plan with a deductible between $1,000 and $3,000, should choose a plan that includes a copayment for routine care, and provides prescription drug coverage for generic and standard formulary brands.